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The history and the language of Jamtland

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"A people that has forgotten its history, has no future"
( Henrik Wergeland )

Jamtarnas (the jamtlanders) history is both exciting and tragic.
From beeing an independant republic in the Viking Age, Jamtland in the 16th and 17th centuries became an item of contention between the Swedish and Danish/Norwegians kingdoms. No less than thirteen times was Jamtland fought over by them during the years 1563 - 1677.
The Swedes conquerred Jamtland and began to oppress the Norwegian-minded population of Jamtland. The jamtlanders' language "Jamska", similar to Norwegian, was forbidden but survived to the present, thanks to the Jamtlanders becoming bilingual.

"The language is the most important carrier of culture."

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